Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UGMo Ladies in the Reverseaverse

The Reverseaverse is a concept, somewhat hard to define, developed by myself and the distinguished Emeritus Professor of LULZ (my BFF Clay), who should be flying in for a weeklong lecture series just before the end of the term. Students interested in earning a PhD in LULZ should plan to attend his lectures, where you will learn about the advanced coursework required. It will be in one of these courses that the secrets of the Reverseaverse will be revealed to you, but until then, I present to you the following photographic example:

Ex. 1: Strip Beer Pong - JPatt, JToy, and Mal in the Reverseaverse

As you can see, these ladies like to have fun, much like their real-life counterparts, but there are some differences like the fact that the Reverseaverse ladies are not so much ladies and instead are basically fugly skanks. Also note that JPatt does not smoke, JToy wears a bikini top with a vest over it not an ill-fitting saggy bra, and Mal doesn't stick items like Menthols and her phone in her bra...oh wait, maybe she does. Some things never change, even in the Reverseaverse!

If you need some extracurricular reading material, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the blog on which I found this gem of a photo: Sorry I Missed Your Party. Bonus points if you manage to appear in a photo posted on the site. I personally have not been featured yet, but my former kitchen has!


  1. i seriouslyyyy got the short end of the stick on this one guys

  2. suri cruise! you are much more pleasant and attractive irl!!

  3. i am still laughing.
    hallie, you just got tenure!

  4. Sweet, my tits look pretty great in Reverseaverse.

    J-Toy did get shafted though. But hers is, like, EXTREME Reverseaverse while hopefully me and Mal are just slightly skanked up.