Monday, April 27, 2009

JPatt tries Reverseaverse

In my support of the advanced physics theory of Reverseaverse, I show you pet bunny Sasquatch is a Nazi in cartoon Reverseaverse:

See, this is him in Reverseaverse because in real life Sas lurvs Chancellor Steven and also luuurves the gays. A Nazi bunny, however...

And the Director of Lulztography taking lulzy photos at the SoMoToHo:

...becomes this in Reverseaverse:

Hmm it turns out that neither Mal nor our cherished Director of Lulztography change very much in Reverseaverse. Interesting. I will point out some subtle differences. First, Justin would never drink wine from the glass. Glasses are for sissies. This is obvi how we do it in Guantamontrose. Secondly, Justin doesn't own leather shoes. In fact, I think his Converse All Stars may be permanently attached to his feet. You know, the canvas and skin just kinda grew together after a while and... gross. Third, Justin wouldn't be caught dead in baggy black pants with a hole in them. No, no, he opts for ironic tight white pants from Turkey.

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