Friday, May 1, 2009

The Return of Don

Remember the cat judger/wine taster/guy that "gets emails"? Well, he has made a comeback. Although he is not meant to matriculate until fall 09, Don is already getting a jumpstart on his college workload. Just like any other student, Don goes to the library and pretends to do work. He even goes as far as to bring a large binder. His critical error however, is forgetting to open it as he plays solitaire and frequents an alternative social networking site on the computer. Here at Uni GuantanaMontrose we do not condone the abuse of public resources, but if you must, we would encourage you all to sporcle. or at least play spider solitaire


  1. Is that really Don? Lurv him! The jean shorts, the tucked in white t-shirt, the cell phone on the belt... everything about him is win.

    What are the chances he actually has been accepted to Duke? Can we start a betting pool plz?