Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eng 3396: Forgotten Classics of the Modern Western Tradition

With Summer Session A rapidly drawing to a conclusion, it is time for students to begin planning their enrollment in Summer Session B classes. I am excited to announce that along with our normal selection of classes, I will be teaching Eng 3396: Forgotten Classics of the Modern Western Tradition, featuring the following:

Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald under the pseudonym of Albina Jackson, this once controversial historical romance set in St. Bernard Parish examines the corrupt state government of Louisiana that was responsible for the construction of defective 'dusky system' of dykes and levies that resulted in the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. After gradually fading from the literary limelight, the almost identical levy failures in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina projected the novel back into the hands of readers. Critics have described the book as “An American classic!” “Important reading, a perfect example of how history is doomed to repeat itself.” and “Excellent, despite the highly misleading title and cover art…”.

Considered to be the originator of the FNS (Fantasy National Socialism) genre, John Christopher’s groundbreaking novel, The Little People, examines the outcome of a world where the Leprechauns of Ireland have allied themselves with the Third Reich. Despite being the influence for such well known FNS novels as JJR Tolkien’s The Two Guard Towers and KJ Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Hitler-Jugend, Christopher’s novel has languished in obscurity.

Most UGM students will recognize “devil’s elbow” as the street name for particularly potent brand of hash infamous for having wrecked our esteemed Chancellor last Halloween. The name is taken from Brainerd Cheney’s agrianist classic of the same name. Examining post-Reconstruction Era Georgia, The Devil’s Elbow deals with the need for a return to a more simplistic, antebellum way of life, free of the corruption found in urban environments. Much like the hash it shares a moniker with, it will mess your prissy ass up if you don’t know how to handle it.

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