Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Session C Course Preview

Summer Session B's coursework has proven to be both rigorous and quite satisfying. As a preview to our new class that will be offered next term, "Distressed Twittering," I will recap some potential tweets that could have been submitted during some of our exams over the past two weeks.

June 5th: Summer Session B's Opening Ceremonies OR 1st Night in the PoMo LoHo
  • copz are here. where's the #queso?!?!?!
  • sitting on a bench outside the gate, got the #queso @estebandice!
  • where are @timgregor and @kimdice? and where's the #queso?

June 6th: Actually this is a Dorm Room and Kim is the RA
  • @evakelly is on the floor by the #tv-- her thumb's broken. where's my drink?
  • headbutted @kimdice in the nose and knocked over the #tv!
  • sorry same-cop-from-last-night but we are having a suspenders party. and what happened to the #tv and @kdice's nose??

June Xth: 1st visit to Lola's Depot
  • stuck on that crazy island from Lost in 1954! 3 #kamikazes for $5.25... at least there are SOME perks to being stranded with these #trannies!
  • 3 #kamikazes divided by 3 = 1 #kamikaze for... shit. where's my calculator?
  • #trannies outside, #kamikazes inside...wait, am i tranny?

June 12th: Where's Red Door? OH there's a RED. DOOR.
  • wrapped around some man--swingin upside down in the #VIP room. booyah @kimdice
  • left my shoes in the #VIP room, where's my #kamikaze!
  • left my coordination in the #VIP room. shoe is filled with blood!

June 13th: Kathleen and Jessica actually can't have multiple Blue El Patio Margs and follow it up with ridiculous amounts of sunny D
  • by the end of the night ima have @kathleen drunk and throwin #up!
  • by the end of the night ima have @jtoy SO FUCKED #UP.
  • where's my car? @jtoy and @kathleen are SO FUCKED #UP they won't even answer the door.

June 17th: Guava Lamp OR Now we get a 50% discount at Brisa
  • @dennisor is a #geek-ass
  • @becs those were twins and you killed them!
  • hortencia's on my neck! i need a #kamikaze!