Monday, July 20, 2009

Field Work

This weekend, a few of UniG's most distinguished faculty decided to do some hands on research in our best fields, most notably: drinking, lulzing, clubbing, and pretend to still be 20. This past weekend several of us made the trip to Austin, managing to take as many different cars as possible. The trip was equally both a success and a failure on about every level, depending on how you want to look it. I know that doesn't even make sense, but neither does the weekend; so by some twist of the Confucian balance, it must even out. I'm still unsure as to what actually happened, both to others and myself, but I figure the comments section of this blog shall serve as some sort of group consciousness/formal record.
In the spirit of the trip, I have outline a few imperatives for any future Austin course syllabus.
Things to do:
1. Have a plan.
2. Use the HOV lane.
3. Buy tubes before getting to New Braunfels.
4. Try and have someone to stay with before you arrive, and also make sure they have a key to their place.
5. Buy lots of alcohol on the drive up just incase the person you are staying with loses their key and you have to wait in the hall for 3 hours until their roommate comes home.
6. Do not drink the water. And do not pay for anything at Whole Foods.
7. Do not let anyone videotape you unless it is a news channel and you are Jtoy and Kathleen on 6th Street.
8. Go to Qua and Rain (and maybe Malaia.) Then anywhere else you can find before all the bars close at 2.
9. Eat at the newly opened downtown El Chile on Congress because they give you two free margaritas since they don't have a liquor license yet.
10. Do not already be drunk when you arrive at El Chile after getting off the river.
11. Sleep with as many people as possible.

All of this happened to the group collectively, other than number 1 of course. However, on our next trip, I propose that each of us make sure that we follow all 11 rigorously.

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