Monday, May 11, 2009

Future Uni G Campus Party

So after 5 nights of ridiculousness that rival winter recess, I finally forced myself to take a nap today. It took me hours to fall asleep despite the fact that i was ridiculously sleepy because i think may have actual health problems related to my leisure activities. In the dream (trippiest dream of my life. also included me watching a "live feed" of myself.) there was a surprise UGMo block party that hallie had thrown us, and I will now describe what we need to do in order to access that in real life.
  1. Make a 20ft x 100ft billboard kite that has freeway exits and street signs that relate to montrose.
  2. Attach it to a spool of string that stands 4 feet tall so that it will go high enough for the whole city to see.
  3. Throw the giant spool in the air and down the street to surprise everyone and get the party started.
  4. Have piggyback ride races where people bend down. so really it's like a horse race kind of thing, except you are latched onto the person's back.
  5. Get multiple versions of this kind of thing with weird indescribable creatures instead of dragons.
  6. Baby pools. everywhere. most likely filled with vodka.
  7. Get shutdown by apartment complex property managers.
I wish I remembered more, but this certainly seems like a good start. End of term party planning committee unite!

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