Friday, February 20, 2009

Faculty Poll: Who do you think hijacked the general UGMO account?

Our one reader from Dubai, because of Ray’s blatant Islamophobia.

Boxxy, because JPatt’s jealous of her youth and good looks.

Me, because I do things for teh LULZ.

JPatt, because she’s jealous I have a crush on Boxxy.

Dancing Bears, because they haven’t been tagged in the last 10 entries.

Hallie, because she also does things for teh LULZ.

Hitler, because he took over Poland, so he’d totally take over our blog.

Eva, because she’s afraid Hitler might take over our blog like he did Poland.

Prof Tim, because can you trust a man with that haircut?


  1. There was hijackery? Scandal.

    FYI. I get my hair cut by the same chimp that attacked that chick and does Bill Gates hair. Thank you very much.

  2. Yea, the password got changed to the
    University of Guantanamontrose blog contributer log in. Whoever did it hasn't changed anything thou and must be srzly lacking in LULZ.