Saturday, February 7, 2009

Concerning Technical Support & Stolen Office Supplies

Anyone who grew up in the late 90s (so wild!) and was therefore schooled in keyboarding in middle school may recall a certain friendly character from the computer programming arena: the Microsoft Word paperclip, nicknamed Clippit, or Clippy, included in Office 97-2003. As if middle school were not enjoyable enough, you had to have this awful animated asshole all up on your piece while you're trying to type semicolons without looking at the keyboard and fighting off uncontrollable erections and worrying about fucking up your bar mitzvah as some bitch sitting next to you won't stop humming Chumbawumba and UGH I hated that paperclip.

This sort of makes it a lot better, though:
We were unsure where Clippy had disappeared off to after 2003 (the IT guy suggested India, while the Uni registrar remembered hearing something about a bookbinding shop in Montreal), but it seems that Clippy went across the pond. Here we have a British guy wearing a paperclip costume and annoying randoms all over the city. Cheers to you, Clippy.


  1. hint: look at the headlines on the ticker at the bottom of the video...

    "woman breaks it to father she's a thespian"

    "polite, quiet neighbor turns out to not be serial killer"