Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mixology 101

Personal experience speaks louder than words. Let's just say I've had a few of these, and MMMmmmMmMmmmmMmmm, GOTTA LOVE 'EM!

1 part water mixed with an emergen-C packet
1 part vodka

Put vodka in shaker with ice, shake until cold. Put vodka in martini glass, add water, add E-mergency packet. Stir. Serve. Enjoy!


  1. I have about 100 packets of emergen-C..i'm pretty sure i'll be done with them by graduation if i start doing my mixology hwk tonight

  2. Couldn't you just put the water and Emergen-C in the shaker too? Seems it would mix better. Plus stirring in a martini glass is dangerous. Hell, for me doing anything with a martini glass is dangerous. Anyway, do you even need the water? Would the Emergen-C not mix with the liquor on its own? At any rate, I prefer mine with with, because, EmerGIN-C, come on!

  3. oops, a cruicial error in the last sentence... Should say, "I prefer mine with gin..."

  4. GOOD CALL on only mixing emergen-C and vodka. how did that slip my mind... once faculty members are feeling back up to par they should consider replacing emergen-C with crystal light [meth?] powder

  5. Hahahaha, that comment about crystal reminded me of these ads that are (were?) like 8ft tall and EVERYWHERE on Castro St. in SF:

  6. hallie, if you shake the emergen-C it will fizz, then blow up in your face. that's why careful stirring is necessary.