Saturday, February 14, 2009

Case study in doing it for Teh LULZ: Last Night

• Get super drunk early in the day off tall boys of King Cobra
• Upset Tour guide Ray on Facebook
• Make racist prank calls to friends on someone else’s phone
• Have one of those people call you back because it was a wrong number (“Yes, this is Mr. Potts, you called me about niggers and shooting Tupac?”)
• Crash a random party
• Accidentally punch Oliver’s girlfriend in the face
• Repeatedly ask people if “JToy will still be hella lezzy after some 40z?”
• Intentionally punch Oliver in the crotch
• Cause Eva and her boyfriend to breakup the night before Valentines Day
• Drink ketchup straight from the bottle at a restaurant
• Get flashed by a trashy chick because we were in Brian’s new Boxster
• Probably a lot of other stuff I don’t remember


  1. i love ray's assless chaps..even though they were a gift from you.

  2. Well, it was what you two had on your civil union registry...

  3. i hope the king cobra part is true...
    and i've never had more than one 40 in a night, but i'm curious as to those people's responses

  4. Yea, I found a Sellers Bro off Stella Link that sells 6 packs of King Corbra tall boys for only $3.49.

    I got a “Hmmm…I doubt it,” “Maybe,” and “It wouldn’t hurt to try”.

  5. wow...i am purchasing that 6 pack as soon as i get to houston. i am very sad i missed out on the lulziness that was steve's bday