Monday, February 23, 2009

Syllabus for Partying 201 (Graduate Level)

This past weekend, field research was done in order to come up with new, challenging material for the Partying 201 syllabus. Faculty recommendations on what material should be covered in lecture vs. lab vs. Mardi Gras field trips would be greatly appreciated.

materials needed: sunchips, flavor twist fritos, 4-pack of mini-riesling, 2 gallon-sized bottles of sunny d, handle of vodka, and individually wrapped sour punch straws

Requirements to pass the class:
  1. walking upwards of 10 miles within 36 hours instead of taking cabs
  2. accessing Kid Rock a minimum of 3 times
  3. losing kathleen and having a phone/text messaging war:
    • where are u. see jesus big sing? you can have peace and hope? we can meet there
    • conti and bourbon where r u
    • what streets are u at tell me
    • text message me! where the fuck are u!!!!!
    • I’m sitting in fycjibh cod we I do y know where
    • lol wqhere???? I’m at bourbon and conti
    • where the rich are u
    • I’m about to take a cab
    • outside??
    • no. wherew are u. find out don’t move.
    • idk jester pizza
  4. not trying to steal beer, but having a bouncer twist your arm and threaten to "break your muthafuckin arm"
  5. drinking hurricanes after 3am
  6. sleeping on the side of the street with random families who nurse you back to health
  7. hitchhiking/convincing an ice cream truck driver to take you to another parade
  8. smoking cigawettes in said ice cream truck
  9. giving said ice cream truck driver your number so you can meet up later
  10. drunkenly playing with angelic babies
  11. drinking 2 gallons of sunny D + a handle of vodka over a 24 hour period
  12. drinking king cobra on public transit
  13. eating popeye's at 9:40am
  14. aggressively ribbon dancing
  15. booing/watching a povo skank SHEdini perform
  16. singing Mr G songs at least 100 times while on Bourbon
  17. talking like jonah and saying "some shit" over 237 times in 3 hours
  18. eating chicken/getting revived at mother clucker's
  19. Commuting for a total of 24 hours to and from New Orleans in an overall period of 80 hours
  20. being totally and completely fine after all is said and done


  1. I think there can be a lecture on good phone/texting techniques so as to make number 3 more effective. And there should be a lab series to help students prepare for number 11. Numbers 14, 16 and 17 might also require some in-class practice, depending on the students' level of mastery of those activities. The rest probably can only be experienced during the field trip portion of the course.

  2. i need to take this course. i'd get an A!!! i might even STEAL the ice cream truck. would that get me extra credit?