Friday, January 2, 2009

Benelux? More like BeneLIARS (or BeneSUX, wdek, Jpatt and I can't decide and Ray hates both titles)

Okay soo Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) has a population of 27,598,666. The Netherlands has 16,440,113 people. So Uni Guantanamontrose wants to know how it is possible that the Netherlands' largest city, Amsterdam, has such a small population of 747,290, yet the nation still manages to boast millions more. True, other large cities exist: Rotterdam, the Hague and Utrecht, along with Amsterdam, form the Randstad, which according to the Amsterdammy wiki article, has 7 million inhabitants, but is cited to have a population of 7.5 on the self-titled Randstad page. Um sorry but there are not 10 million rural Dutch people just hanging out in windmills and smoking dank pot. The Randstad just becomes more and more shady! See: when other "conurbations" (SO not a word PS) connected to this area are also taken into consideration, it would have a population a little over 10 million, almost 2/3 of the entire Dutch population. I really don't know who to believe. Uni Guantamontrose realizes that the Netherlands is a peace-loving low-lying nether region (and our personal fav continent) and our biggest enemies are terrorist states, but still... just be honest guys.

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