Saturday, January 10, 2009

Garden of Eatin'

I spent the day today with Duke's chapter of ASCE (pretty much this but mostly girls) at a Canstruction Competition at Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh. For those of you unfamiliar with Canstruction, here are some examples. I spent most of the time thinking about how much ray would hate it and how into it hallie would probably get, as well as wanting to kill everyone else there. Anyway the theme of the competition was "Garden of Eatin'"... i don't think anything else needs to be said about that. And our theme was "Upside down Underground," which consisted of a carrot, onion, and beet, built as if you were looking underground...upside down! And to top it off, we filled the entire 10x10 square with baked beans to look like dirt. It was so awful, and it ended up looking like a weird interpretation of Boston (beantown...featuring harvard, a red sox stadium, and a BCG skyscraper headquarters). At one point a giant bean tower fell over on top of me, which...was worth it for the comedic value I suppose.
So we finished up our thing and my friend Sam and I went to explore Raleigh a bit. Actually I just wanted a sandwich, but it ended up being a little more exploratory then planned. We ended up eating at Angelo's, and just as we sit down a man outside falls and has a seizure, and another man tries to help him but he starts batting him away. Angela (Angelo's daughter perhaps?) calls 911 or something, and at this point the seizure man is up and standing. He's cut his thumb a bit, but otherwise seems to be doing all right. To my surprise, a firetruck and ambulance show up literally within a minute to assist with the aftermath of this very dramatic seizure. Well the great part of this story is that Angela informs us that this same man had a seizure the week before at the bus station and some hooligans robbed him! Anyway, the whole situation just really brought out everyone's true colors. Angela kept coming over and proclaiming to the room "I mean, I was jus tryin to save him!" Me and Sam couldn't get over the fact that a man who had a seizure also had his belongings seized. And everyone else was pressed up against the window watching 6 paramedics work on a man with essentially only a bloody finger. This also brought up the concept of free healthcare (or rather... free ambulance rides and triage?) for the homeless, and I came up with my next, great, save-the-world idea: homeless people and parcour. If you are homeless and walkin around all day, it is time to change that walk into parcour. And who cares if you get injured- you have all the ambulances and EMS people you could want to help you. Plus, people will youtube you and you will possibly, maybe get some sort of income for your vagabond activities.

I think the day can be best summed up with a quote from episode 6 of My So-Called Life: "field trips are intense."

And just so y'all don't think my life has gone entirely down the toilet, I will say this about last night: First off, duke sort of has a nightclub similar to ACCESS, but it's actually in the form of the duke coffeehouse. At night they have dance parties sometimes and it's BYOB. I ended up there and at the pinhook for another fipster (fake hipster?) dance party. And i say dance party because not only were they both detailed as such, but also because I danced the entire time like a psycho. This includes dancing on stage and accessing microphone stands (sans microphones), eating someone's birthday cake with my FACE...before any pieces had been cut, and being driven home by a creepster (creepy fipster?).

someone please come visit me.


  1. if and when i eventually get a job and start saving up some money, i have vague notions of doing a ridiculous east coast tour because i have friends in florida, dc, and nyc, as well as probably some other places, so if that ever actually happens, i will totes add you to the list of stops as well.

    also lol at me getting really into canstruction. it's probably true. maybe i can get a job doing that? they would probably just pay me in canned goods though and i don't think i can barter veggies for booze...

  2. Also I meant to note that aren't garden gnomes pushing wheelbarrows the original twink slaves?