Sunday, January 4, 2009


So basically my life has changed completely in the past 12 hours. The fact that I even still have a life, literally, that I am alive, is kind of a miracle. A new course will be added to the University of GuantanaMontrose's list of offerings that will deal with making good decisions vs. bad ones.

A good decision: Have fun at a party with friends. 

A bad decision: Make drinks that are more than 50% liquor. One might be ok, several is not.

Another bad decision: Leave the party in your car after said drinks.

A third bad decision (that may or may not have even been a decision at all): Somehow make it almost all the way home before stopping at a stop sign and falling asleep in the car.

There are more bad decisions involved here too, but this is enough to discuss for now. 


  1. I think you can add eating multiple rounds of popcorn to the bad decision column

  2. honestly, i think that popcorn helped though. in a weird way.

  3. wait i want to know what else happened i was sleeping