Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quarantined at the SoMoToHo (ie This is What Happens When I Post at 420)

Approximately a month ago, I came home from school and had a horrible winter cold. For the first weekend back I was too busy drinking and having 3-somes to notice that it was still hiding behind the veils of my mucus. Well, quelle surprise, the sickness re-emerged 3 days before my family vacation to the Third World.
In hopes of having me attend the vacation (likely) and successfully deliver his holiday gift baskets (more likely,) my dad prescribed me a set of antibiotics. I know this is not normal, and that one can grow a tolerance to such drugs and thereby make them ineffective, but I figured why not do it just this once! Plus, my dad seemed to think it was a good idea, even if blackmail for illegal unpaid labor was included in his logic(delivering gift baskets or going on family vacations, you pick.) So, I take the pills, and two days in I feel WONDERFULLY better! I immediately stop taking them, not realizing they're not the same thing as NyQuil, because now that I am well, why continue remembering to take pills.
Five days go by, and at dinner on the vacation my dad asks if I've finished my antibiotics. I casually say no, I have not. Then proceed to get a lecture about how you have to continue taking them. That night, before bed, I start them again.
Two days go by, I am on vacation, and clearly, I don't give a fuck! So duh, I forget about them again.
Now, four weeks after it all began, I am home and in pain. I am dead. I have sleept for a successful 48 hours, and have not left the house in 3 days. I did, today, go drink a $30 pitcher of margaritas, but I'm not really counting this because it was charity work. Best of all, my boyfriend is dressing like he's gay, single and ready to mingle in ~!@1~BARCELONA~1@!~ again... Strange things happen when you hibernate, but after all, isn't that what winter is all about?
Anyway, I am back on the antibiotics (which ironically don't seem to be working quite as well this time) and think I'm going to die. My mom is convinced I have developed a "Super Bug" and won't let me come home. I am currently writing this blog from Steven's mosquito-infested patio (thought I left malaria behind in Panama with the last antibiotic regime?) because I cannot stand Steven watching "My So Called Life" 24/7 as his passive-aggressive punishment for me being sick and forcing him to stay home and take care of me.
This is the part where you pray for me to get better!
Hope to see you guys on-campus again soon! I hear there may be a big party tomorrow night. GG never sleeps.


  1. general commentary: say who posted so i know who to mercilessly mock. kisess

  2. clearly it was Tour Guide Ray, because that's what it says at the bottom.

    Hey Ray-
    What is GG?

    (BTW, you posted at 4:22, not 4:20)

  3. I'm gonna say GG is Gossip Girl but maybe I'm wrong...

  4. GG may also stand for Gay Guy, which was the nickname used by people I knew in high school for a guy they thought was gay (wow, creative, right?) and woops, it turns out he is now!

  5. i remember when your group would use the term "gg"... better than "pasty boy" (NOT you ray!). anyway we need an anti-steven-defamation clause in the university charter.

  6. i think "passive-aggressively watching my so-called life" should be a tag