Monday, January 5, 2009

Rosetta Stone and Its Healing Properties

I recently was driving behind an 18-wheeler and noticed a drivers wanted sign on the back. For a moment I thought, that doesn't sound like that awful of a job...they make a fair amount of money. I allowed my mind to wander...what would I do while driving all day? Use that radio thing to talk to other drivers? Drink Dr. Pepper constantly and invent a car version of the bed pan? Was there any possibility for productivity? That's when it hit me-- rosetta stone. My plan was simple: Drive trucks for a few months while I became fluent in another language, then apply to work for, and from there, I could do anything! Then I realized that if I could do this, any truck driver could! What were they thinking sittin up on them radios all day using weirdo names and talking about King of the Hill? This idea clearly needed to be mass marketed to truck drivers around the globe.

Later that week I was watching the Tyra show. The episode was about women in the sex industry, and how they could get out of it. They didn't really have many plausible options in my opinion, and it was then that I realized the answer again was rosetta stone. They could become at least conversationally fluent, expand their client base and save all extra money they were earning. Then, again, applications to would be in order.

Overall, I really believe in the Rosetta Stone Revolution. Who wants to get it started?
I suppose if it doesn't take off, I at least have a pretty good back up plan for graduation. Hallie perhaps you should consider this as well? You and your truck driver persona "Bacon Bits" would probably be pretty popular on that radio network.


  1. I'm pretty sure I do not need to be driving a giant truck around all day. I do enough damage in my little Nissan.

  2. I would much rather watch Bacon Bits host a show than Tyra, but that's just me.

  3. What if it was Bacon Bits AND Tyra?! I think that would be pretty epic. And rulzy ridic.

  4. Great idea, J-Toy. I think you should take this to the next level, maybe write a senator for a government grant. Yes, I think this Rosetta Stone for truck drivers idea should become the new TFA, something like that.

  5. The only problem with liberating the sex workers via Rosetta Stone Revolution, is that it might be hard to talk them into saving $500 for the software rather than just buying themselves a really nice crack rock.

    Plus if they decide to learn Chinese only like, Michael Phelps would be interested in that and I think People magazine said he has a girlfriend now.