Monday, January 19, 2009

EPIC hipster FAIL

Srzly; I just threw up in my mouth a little lot.


  1. Yes, this video is definitely the lulz.

    However, I do NOT think they are cute because they are NOT hipsters.

    Reasons they're not hipsters:
    1. Hipsters don't rap.
    2. Hipsters wear dark denim almost almost exclusively, unless it's acid washed denim in an attempt at early 90s irony.
    3. No one has skinny jeans.
    4. Those girls look like they came from Midtown, not the 'strose. They need more tats and piercings and Betty Page haircuts and ugly, ill-fitting layered shirts. No self-respecting hipster guy would actually date them, though he might consider making out with them in the Poison Girl bathroom.
    5. One of those guys is wearing jorts (jean shorts).
    6. Where are the fixed gear bicycles?
    7. One of them should be brooding in a corner writing bad poetry and/or song lyrics and/or talking about being vegan.
    9. They need to smoke parliaments.
    10. None of them stole my vodka.

  2. These are more like 17 year olds from OTL who think they are the shit because they have badly dyed hair and wear neon colours. The video is indeed lulz-worthy but I'm really afraid of that weird screaming noise the one guy makes. It reminds me of a mountain lion trying to protect her young from danger. Or something.

  3. They’re hipsters, just not the type that you’re as familiar with. They’re not only suburban hipsters, but about 3-5 years younger than us; they’re more the emo/screamo variety which is reflected in their slight fashion variations.

    And, yes, hipsters totally do rap which has resulted in a huge backlash from srz hip hop people. The influence of hipsterism in hip hop and rap is even visible in mainstream acts like Kanye West who wears the classic hipster trifecta; tight jeans, goofy sunglasses, and a kieffeh.

    Ill Doctrine confirms hipster rap:

  4. "The video is indeed lulz-worthy"

    If we LULZ at this vid the same way hipsters like PBR, does this make us LULZsters?

    Snap, term coined!

  5. can we stop mentioning queso backwash, puhleeze?