Tuesday, January 6, 2009


When I came home from step aerobics this evening I overheard Ray say something about Dubai. I google imaged that shit, and OH MY GOD LET'S GO THERE!

I'm not really sure where/what it is, but let's fucking go!


I think I read an US Weekly article about this place. (Did J-Anniston go there? Probs. She goes everywhere cool.) From what I gathered it's all the hedonism and glitz of Vegas with shiny, cray-cray architecture and beaches beaches BEACHES! Do you see the shore line? Look at that first picture again.


It's too bad that Australia is so far away.


  1. Hearts to J-An, let's go to Dubai and take a funsaver cam (the underwater kind).

  2. samantha ronson and lilo went there together for a party... i didn't understand why they weren't killed for being gay, but oh well. let's go!