Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UGMo Faculty Conference Calls

Due to the recent relocations of faculty to the Durham and Portland areas, important correspondence concerning university protocol and events have been forced to take place via satellite. Video chatting and phonography have played crucial roles in maintaining current levels of network integrity, but the discovery of screen sharing has greatly increased the productivity of these meetings. For those unaware, screen sharing allows the individuals to hear and speak to one another, and allows one individual to see and partially take control of the other person's screen, leaving the two to battle over the mouse and keyboard. With cooperation however, sharing provides faculty with a great number of opportunities.

Some suggestions for future screen sharing sessions include:
  • ichat another faculty member and ask them to share their screen, thereby giving 3 people control over one screen
  • search "porn" in the other person's spotlight
  • blog in the other person's name
  • take over their itunes and perform karaoke together
  • youtube every episode of my so-called life...watch them together and design a syllabus for a new course offering
  • create and apply a new theme for their ichat that includes multiple pictures of patty and sound bites from Danielle, including "this is so unfair- my life is so edited!"
  • download and engage in this power hour game; consider combining this option with the first suggestion
  • visit a down-low blog and discuss the implications
  • design LOLcats, specifically ones including Lexus and diabetes campaigns
Keep these proposals in mind when conference calls for official Uni business are in order.

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